Aporrectodea georgii (Michaelsen, 1890)

Description - External - Body length 25-80 mm, diameter 2-4 mm, 100 -150 segments. Colour usually pale, pigmentation lacking. Head epilobous, first dorsal pore in the intersegmental furrow 4/5. Glandular tumescence usually on 11 ab. Setae closely paired, setal arrangement after the clitellum: aa:ab:bc:cd:dd= xxxxx. Clitellum extends on segments 28, 29-35 saddle-shaped. Sucker like tubercles on 31, 33. Male pore confined within segment 15.

Internal - Dissepiments 6/7-14/15 slightly thickened. Crop in 15-16, gizzards in 17-18. Two pairs of testes free in 10 , 11, and four pairs of seminal vesicles in 9-12. Spermathecae two pairs in 9/10 , 10 /11 open in the setal line cd.. Calciferous glands in 10 -11 with lateral pouches in 10 . Oesophageal hearts in 6-11 with a less modified comissure in 12. Excretory system holonephridial. Nephridial bladders "J" shaped with backwards hook. Cross section of longitudinal muscle layer are of pennate type.

Distribution - Ap. georgii native in the Palearctis but widely distributed in the southern part of Eurasia and northern Africa. Its occurrance in Israel is to be proved.