Bimastos syriacus (Rosa, 1893)

External characters.  length 65 200 mm, diameter 5-12 mm, no. segments  100-210. Colour in alcohol: white or red (turkish material). Prostomium 1/3 epilobous closed. First dorsal pore in intersegmental furrow 5/6. Setae distant. Female pores on segment xiv somewhat above setae a. Male pores on posterior part of segment xv between setal line a-b surrounded by a genital ridge situated on segment 1/2 xiv-xvi and detached by a small groove. Flat spermatophores on  segment xiv-xv. Nephridial pores irregularly alternate between setal lines b and d. Clitellum on segment  xxvi-xxxii, clitellar stripes if present on segments xxvi-xxxii. Genital papillae surrounds setae ab in ix-xii. Genital setae lacking.


Internal characters. Septa 5/6-8/9, 14/15 slightly thickened, 9/10-13/14 strongly muscular. Testes and funnels paired in segments x-xi, free. Seminal vesicles in xi, xii. Epididymis and spermathecae lacking. Calciferous diverticula in x. Paired lateral hearts in segments vi-xi and a pair of small extraoesophageals in segment xii. Nephridial bladders tube-shaped. Crop in xv-xvi, gizzard in xvii-xx. Typhlosole large, bilobed, anchor-shaped. Longitudinal muscle layers of body wall of pinnate type.


Distribution - From Turkey to Israel