Dendrobaena negevis Csuzdi & Pavlicek, 1999

External characters. Length: 35-55 mm, 3-4 mm in diameter, no. segments 96-135. Pigmentation almost lacking, only slight reddish colour dorsal, on the anterior segments. Prostomium tanylobous, first dorsal pore in intersegmental furrow 5/6. Setae unpaired, setal formula at segment xxxv: aa:ab:bc:cd:dd = 3.3:1.3:2.2:1:8.3. Two pairs of spermathecal pores in furrows 9/10 and 10/11 with openings somewhat above the setal line d. Male pores are on segment xv bordered with glandular papillae. Nephridial pores irregularly alternate between setal line b-d.

Clitellum is constant on segments xxv-xxxiii. Tubercular bands are on segments xxx-xxxi, 1/n xxxii, on juvenile animals only on xxx-xxxi. Genital papillae on ab x or xi. Genital setae of segment x b 0.83-0.88 mm long, spear-shaped, with longitudinal grooves 0.46-0.53 mm long. One stalked spermatophore on segment xxvi in some specimens.


Internal characters. No notably thickened septa present. Testes and funnels paired in segments x-xi, free. Seminal vesicles ix, xi, xii. Epididymis lacking. Spermathecae with short stalk in segments xi and x, with opening above setal line d. Calciferous lamellae in segments x-xiii, no diverticula are detached. Paired lateral hearts in segments vi-xi and a pair of small commissural vessels in segment xii. Nephridial bladders biscuit-shaped (octaedra type). Crop in xv-xvi, gizzard in xvii-xviii. Typhlosole large, Y-shaped. Longitudinal muscle layer of the body wall of pinnate type.


Distribution - Endemic in Israel