Dendrobaena rothschildae Csuzdi & Pavlicek, 1999


Description - External . Holotype: length 60 mm, diameter just after the clitellum 5 mm. Number of segments 122. Preadult paratypes was 35-42 mm long and 4 mm wide, just after the clitellum. Pigmentation dark violet. Prostomium tanylobous. First dorsal pore at the intersegmental furrow 5/6. Setae unpaired. Setal formula at segment xL: aa:ab:bc:cd:dd = 22:11:18:8:47. Three pairs of spermathecal pores present in furrows 8/9, 9/10 and 10/11 somewhat above the setal line d. Male pores on the segment xv were juxtaposed to glandular papillae and occupied also a part of the neighbouring segments. Nephridial pores irregularly alternated between setal line b-d. Clitellum constantly at segments xxviii-xxxvi. Tubercula pubertatis in the segments xxx-xxxiv, 1/n xxxv. Genital papillae on cd xi and xii. Genital setae of cd xi 0.82-0.9 mm long, spear-shaped with 0.46-0.48 mm long longitudinal grooves.


Internal : There are no septa thickned. Free testes and funnels paired in segments x-xi. Seminal vesicles present in segments ix, xi and xii. Epididymis lacking. Spermathecae with short stalk localized in segments ix, x, xi, and with external openings above the setal line d. Calciferous lamellae present in segments x-xiii; in segment xii a strongly developed diverticulum was present. Paired lateral hearts appeared in segments vi-xi, but the last pair was smaller than the others. Nephridial bladders biscuit-shaped (octaedra type). Crop in segments xv-xvi, and gizzard in segments xvii-xviii. Typhosolis large, anchor-shaped. Longitudinal muscle layers were of pinnate type. 


Distribution - Israel.