Dendrobaena samarigera (Rosa, 1893)

Description - External.  Length 50-70 mm, diameter 5-10 mm, no. segments  101-127. Colour dark red-violet. Prostomium tanylobic. First dorsal pore in intersegmental furrow 8/9. Setae distant. Female pores on segment xiv somewhat above setae  b. Male pores dorso-lateral on  segment xv  surrounded by an extremely great glandular crescent.  Clitellum on segment  xxvii, xxxviii-xxxiv, xxxv, saddle-shaped. Tubercles lacking. Nephropores irregularly alternate between setal line b-d.


Internal. Testes and funnels paired in segments x-xi, free. Seminal vesicles in ix, xi, xii, spermathecae lacking.  Paired lateral hearts in segments vi-xi extraoesophageals lacking. Calciferous glands with diverticula in 12. Nephridial bladders sausage-shaped. Crop in xv-xvi, gizzard in xvii-xviii.  Longitudinal muscle layer is of pinnate type.


Distribution Israel