Dendrobaena semitica (Rosa, 1893)


Description - External characters. Colour in alcohol reddish, more intensive on dorsum. Prostomium is 1/2 epilobous open. First dorsal pore in intersegmental furrow 5/6. Setae unpaired, setal formula at segment xxxv; aa:ab:bc:cd:dd = 2.7:1.4:1.9:1:3.1. Two pairs of spermathecal pores in furrows 9/10 and 10/11 in setal line c. Nephridial pores irregularly alternate between setal lines b and d. Clitellum is consistently on segments xxvi-xxxiii, tubercular bands consistently on segments xxxi-xxxiii. Genital papillae on ab xi. Genital setae of segment x are 1.12-1.56 mm long, spear-shaped, with longitudinal grooves 0.6-0.98 mm in length.

Internal characters. Calciferous lamellae in segments xi-xiv, and diverticula in segments xi-xii. Paired lateral hearts in segments vi-x. Nephridial bladders are biscuit-shaped (octaedra type). Testes and funnels paired in segments x-xi, and covered by perioesophageal testicle sac. Seminal vesicles in segments ix, xi, xii. Spermathecae sessile in segments ix, x, and open in setal line c.

Distribution - Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan,  ?Turkey, ?Armenia.