Murchieona minuscula (Rosa, 1906)

External characters. Length 20-22 mm, diameter 1.8-2 mm, No. segments84-87. Colour in alive pale in alcohol whitish. Prostomium 2/3 epilobous open. First dorsal pore in intersegmental furrow 14/15. Setae closely paired. Female pores on segment xiv somewhat above setae a. Male pores on segment xv between setal line b-c surrounded by a genital ridge situated on segment 1/2 xiv-xvi.. Clitellum on segment xxvi-xxxii, tubercula pubertatis lacking.

Internal characters. Testes and funnels paired in segments x-xi. Seminal vesicles present in xi, xii. Epididymis and spermathecae lacking. Calciferous diverticula in x, dorsal, oriented downwards. Paired lateral hearts in segments vi-xi and a pair of small comissure in segment xii. Nephridial bladders irregular tube-shaped. Crop in xv-xvi, gizzard in xvii-xviii. Typhlosole large, drop-shaped. Longitudinal muscle layers of pinnate type.