Earthworm species name database


This database was launched in the middle of  1970s  as a complete list of the described Lumbricid species names and published first in Zicsi (1982): Verzeichnis der bis 1971 beschriebenen und revidierten Taxa der Familie Lumbricidae (Oligochaeta)  Acta zoologica hungarica, 28: 421-454. Later, as we started to work on the African (1986) and South American earthworms (1987) the scope of our  records were extended to cover all the megardile worms. The database itself was first stored on card catalogue and in the nineties it was converted to a MS FoxPro database.

The database now consist of  cca 5800 name records and naturally not considered to be complete. It also contains several duplicated records and misspellings ( I hope only a few). The valid name field is the most incomplete  and it gives only an orientation  on the present threatening of the names. It is more reliable in  case of  Lumbricidae and Acanthodrilidae (Benhamiinae) and absolutely not in other families! So USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.


You can search the database by every field. By simple key-words you could select the records beginning with the key-word given. If you want to find all the records containing the key-word you  need to use  percent sign  before and after the key-word (%Csuzdi% in the author field will select all the names described by Csuzdi or  Zicsi and Csuzdi etc.)



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